Meet the Team



  Uke Collins is 38 years old.

  She qualified as a per-school Teacher at the College of Education associated   with the University of Cape Town in 1998.

  Uke is registered with the South African Council for Educators.


  She taught the 3-4 year old group in a school in Johannesburg  for 2 years.   During these 2 years she fell in love with the younger group. She then started   her own Playgroup from home in 2003 for the younger 2-3 year olds. Starting   with 4 children  who left the old school to join her.


Uke's Playgroup was at full capacity (12 children) within 3 months and by the end of their first year had a waiting list. Halfway through 2004 they moved to bigger premises and went up to 15 children, but averaging 10-12 children per day. 

By 2005 parents were putting their names down when they were pregnant.


In 2010 Uke took over The Wendy House ( a well established mom and baby group business) This had the added benefit of making the transition to playgroup even more gentle. The children who went to Baby Group ( Wendy House) was already used to Uke and the environment.

Uke has a little boy in Primary school and adopted a little girl in 2013.


I am very passionate about teaching and have a warm and gentle approach making children's first school experience very special.





Jo is 32 years old.  

She has been involved with Childcare and Teaching from 2002 and  

has the necessary patience and an understanding of the children's needs.


She started her career in Monkeynastix and was employed as a Training Manager   and Instructor teaching Fine Motor and Gross Motor Skills to children from the  

ages of 2-7  


In 2009 Jo joined Uke’s Playgroup and they became friends. Jo was responsible for   the care of 15 children from the ages of 2-3 years. Teaching the children pre-Maths   skills, pre-science, language, social and emotional skills, Art, music and movement.  



 Jo decided to further her career and studied Montessori teaching for children ages 3-7 years old.  


Jo left Uke's playgroup and joined a Montessori School and was Head Teacher with 20 children under her care. 

She was responsible for teaching them the skills needed to move on to a more senior school environment. 

These skills included grace and courtesy lessons, practical life, mathematics, sensorial, language and cultural areas.  


Jo's field of expertise is Fine Motor and Gross Motor skills, Parent advise and support, Monkeynastix, Classroom    Management and Observation and First Aid  


I am passionate about understanding children and making sure that the children in my care are loved,   respected and have the best chance to grow to their full potential.  





  Miguel is 22 years old.

  He is Phindele's son. And a real treasure!


  We love having a male assistant at our Playgroup and it's not often that you   see males in a caregiver role and therefor very valuable to the children. He adds   a fresh and different dynamic to our Playgroup.



  The children adore him!





Phindele is 46. 

Phindele used to be a Child Minder for one of the children at the playgroup and   during this time we got to know her well and when the family moved away we   snatched her up!  


Phindele has a very warm gentle way about her. She is soft spoken and has a    very caring manner which has endeared her to everyone. 


She helps out at Playgroup and looks after Uke's own children during the   afternoon.  


                                                        She is like their second mother!                                                       





  Carlos has been with us for 10 years and a big favorite amongst the little boys!


  He does the garden and when Uke's own son was little, he used to take a photo of   him with them when they went away on holiday, because he missed him so much!


  He has endless patience with the little ones when they try to help him rake and water   the garden.



  Carlos is often seen laughing quietly by himself at their antics.